5 Top Reasons Why You Need Shower Screens in a Wetroom

You have several choices to make if you want to install a wetroom in your house. For example, you can select a walk-in shower, or you can install shower screens all over the area. You also have plenty of customisation options. It won’t matter if you want to use a coloured or clear screen. There are many shops that offer all kinds of shower screens.

Many homeowners want to install a shower screen in their bathroom. If you are wondering why you need one in your bathroom, here are the top reasons why homeowners want a shower screen in their wetroom.

  • Improve the Design of Your Bathroom

Instead of using shower curtains, install a shower screen instead. Unlike the traditional curtain, wetroom shower screens will upgrade the look of your room. They are also more durable than the usual type of shower curtain. You can choose from various types of screen texture. For example, you can use a smoked glass wet screen. You can also try a tinted screen if you want to add colour to your dull bathroom.

  • Add More Storage Options

It pays to have storage options because it will ensure the tidiness of your bathroom. You can use the screens to hang trays for your personal care products. Because the screens are made from glass, they can hold trays or clips. The screen can also be used to hang your towels or dirty clothes. Use the screen as much as you can.

  • No Visual Barrier in the Shower Area

A shower screen won’t obstruct the natural flow of light in your bathing area. This means that the shower room won’t look small even if you install the screen. Furthermore, its minimalistic design will complement the look of a modern bathroom.

  • Minimal Cleaning and Maintenance

Shower screens require almost zero maintenance. You will only need to wipe it from time to time to prevent the growth of mildew or mould. Shower screens rarely come with a metal frame, so you won’t need to use specialised tools to clean the surface of the glass. Ordinary cleaners are mostly used to get rid of shower screen stains.

  • Prevent Water from Splashing on the Walls

As a rule of thumb, you should always keep your bathroom moisture-free. Otherwise, the walls and tiles will get covered with mildew or mould. Puddles of water on the floor can also cause accidents. To keep your bathroom clean and safe, you will definitely need to put up a shower screen.

Shower screens are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. There are so many shops that offer glass screens. Regardless of the style of screen you select, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits above.

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