Found Cracks In Your Concrete Foundation? Here’s What You Must Do!

Home maintenance can be an expensive affair, and while there are tasks that can be delayed for a while, some concerns must be addressed immediately. Foundation damage is one of those matters that must be on your priority list. In this post, we will talk about spotting signs of damage for concrete foundations, along with repair facts, costs, and other aspects.

How to spot damage?

There are a few tell-a-tale tiles of foundation damage. The most common sign is a crack, which can be found anywhere, right from walls to the floor. You may also see hairline cracks along the walls. In some cases, foundation damage can cause the flooring to sink, and thereby, the doors or windows may not fit as expected. You may also have other signs like water damage, crumbling walls and gap in the ceiling. Spotting issues in concrete foundation is not hard. If you feel the floor has tilted owing to the damage, you can roll a ball or a small marble to check the slope.

Dealing with the damage

concrete repair is a serious job, which requires experienced, expertise and resources. Do not try to mend things at your end, because the implications can be huge. The first obvious step is to call a company that specializes in such tasks. They will check the areas of damage, ascertain the work that must be done, and will offer an estimate. The work process can vary, but in most cases, experts try to level the concrete, for which they may use polyurethane that’s injected in the cracks or holes, if any. They will also take the required steps to stabilize the soil.

Finding a service

Now, this step can be a complicated affair for anyone who hasn’t hired a foundation repair service. You might be tempted to try a service that’s offering an insane discount, but for such jobs, experience matters more than anything else. Hire a company that has years of work experience in the industry and is licensed, insured, and locally owned. They must be willing to offer a free estimate and inspection, and do make sure that they have a service contract in place, with relevant terms and conditions. For some of the concrete repair jobs, warranties are offered, but those might be subject to certain terms, which you must check in detail.

Finally, do not delay in seeking help. Smaller repairs don’t cost much and can be completed in a few days!

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