Get Home a Trane AC from One of the Reliable Sellers

With the constant changes in the climate and the temperature getting hotter the residents in most parts of the US are increasingly investing in air conditioner units. Though the US is not a very warm nation, yet presently, more than 87% of households in the US have ACs. Even people in Phoenix are highly dependent on air conditioning systems to keep themselves cool during the extreme heat. If in this extreme temperature in Arizona, your AC unit suddenly breaks down then it can be tough to sustain. You have to repair it immediately. Improving may seem to be a practical solution in the short run, but in the long term, purchasing a new air conditioner would be more cost-effective. Also, a newly installed efficient air conditioner will also help you save on your electric bills. So, if you are considering buying a new AC looking at the above benefits, then check out the website of Day & Night Air which is one of the trusted companies in the Phoenix area.

About Day & Night Air

The climate in Phoenix can be harsh on your HVAC equipment. It needs to withstand not only the cold nights in the desert but also the intensely hot summers. The air conditioning unit is exposed to the extreme weather conditions and can thus shut down at times. The sand and the desert dust can affect the lifespan of your AC unit. But at Day & Night Air, they understand the stress your system has to go through in the severe weather of Arizona. Thus they deal with one of the best energy efficient air conditioner dealers, Trane. They not only take care of the Trane AC units sale Phoenix but also installs the same. Their expert team is also there to maintain the Trane system and ensure that it keeps operating efficiently. Some of the chief qualities of Day & Night Air are:

  • Their consultants are excellent listeners which is something significant when it comes to designing your system
  • They focus on your concerns and pays importance to your valuable feedback
  • They verify the size of the system with a specific Manual J Heat Load calculation
  • The material used by them is of premium grade
  • The different cooling systems
  • Some of the various air conditioners available with them are:
  • Split AC & heating system – This is one of the standard central cooling and heating solutions
  • Heat pumps – This is another type of electric central cooling and heating system
  • Mini splits without duct – This works perfectly in cooling a garage or a particular room in Arizona
  • Packaged units – These cooling and heating systems are mounted on the roof

Experienced professional installation

When you consider Trane AC units sale Phoenix from Day & Night Air, you can count on them for the perfect installation as:

  • They have NATE certified technicians for installation
  • Their highly trained technicians use the most premium grade materials during installation and are well-known for their quality service and ethical practice
  • They use nitrogen during the process of soldering, as this prevents the new AC unit from being clogged with carbon build up.

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