A List Of Popular Senior Housing Options

Today’s seniors are blessed with a series of housing options designed and developed per the requirements of the aged people. Often the post-retirement phase becomes isolating for the seniors as their children move out and they don’t find ample activities to live a fun-filled livelihood.

Apart from that, old age is that time when people need care. As they become older, it often becomes difficult for many seniors to clean and bathe on their own. This is the time when they need caregiving services. Though there are many reputed agencies recruiting experienced and compassionate caregivers but for the long run, it’s difficult to maintain the costly caregivers.

Therefore, many seniors and their families nowadays choose a senior living facility where they can live independently and can also get the assisted services.

They have widespread options to choose from and here some of the best senior housing options are mentioned—

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Usually, a CCRC has three options of senior living facilities

  1. Independent living
  2. Skilled nursing home
  3. Assisted living

Seniors can start living here independently and gradually, with the increase of their dependencies they can shift to the assisted services where they’ll be kept under the supervision of a nurse. Married couples can stay together in CCRCs and can avail the proper assisted living services per their requirement. Ailing seniors find it excellent to live their old-age under proper medical surveillance.

Here, they can also make new friends and live an active life as the communities have different activity programs for the seniors to kill the 3 serious problems of old-age i.e. depression, isolation, and the boredom.

Assisted living

Seniors who constantly require caregiving services for performing the daily rituals of bathing, cooking, and eating, their families can decide to shift them to a reputed assisted living facility. If the family members stay out of the house most of the time when the senior needs care, then their decision for living in a senior community ensuring assisted living can be a viable idea. Though this is an expensive endeavor, still the senior can live a healthy life.

Residential care homes

The residential care homes for the seniors are also chosen by many as they become more depended on caregivers. These homes want the residents to follow their rules of sleeping and eating on time at the community halls. They are also allowed to welcome guests.

These are some of the popular senior housing options.

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