Danish beechwood that are natural and sustainable

Dansk Træmel provides wood flour and sawdust to the mink and food industry, that ensures a good working environment.

The mink industry in connection with the skinning and tanning of pelt and the food industry for smoking fish, meat and sausages was at first the prime costumers for the Danish company ‘Dansk Træmel’, which sells natural beechwood, that are natural and sustainable.

The market has changed a bit since, and Dansk Træmel also provide and manufacture products for use in bedding, absorbing split liquids and for different production purposes.

Made for the mink industry

Back in 1994 Dansk Træmel was founded, where the idea was to produce high-quality wood flour for the fur industry. Now with more than 20 years of experience in the fur- and wood flour industry, Dansk Træmel knows how to produce special products for the individual skinning processes. The company offers eight different products for the skinning process that is made of high-tech processing plant and raw materials of high-quality.

In the production of the wood flour, there is only used products from PEFC certified sawmills, that are documented for sustainable forestry. It is very important to work under good circumstances while skinning minks. When buying form Dansk Træmel, you get an optimum working environment with extremely low dust content, labour savings, guarantees of uniform quality and a light and almost sterile product. The wood flour is also very efficient as a result of the high absorption and cleansing capacity.

Cheaper than the most

Another thing is, that any company that buys the wood flour, gets an opportunity to improve their economy, because of the low number of pelts, they need to buy. Throughout the fleshing process, DT85 is a good choice, when using a fleshing machine. The product is very soft and highly absorbent, resulting in less consumption as well as effective cleaning of the fleshing stick. Expected consumption reduction is up to 50 procent.

Also, DT68 is a low-cost product, that quickly absorbs excess grease, works in depth and softens the leather. The skin then appears nice and cleaned of the grease saturated wood flour, without drying the skin out.

Dansk Træmel sells its products in a various of different countries, such as; USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Iceland, Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Russia, China, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Denmark.

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