How Can A New Concrete Driveway Add Real Value To Your Property?

The driveway is usually the first thing that visitors to any home see, but it is also the one area of the home that most homeowners fail to take much notice of. This may be because it is considered utilitarian in nature, but the fact is that an ugly driveway can paint a gloomy picture of the home, especially if it is stained and cracked after many years of service.

The Problem with Unsightly Driveways

The average driveway has to do a lot of work over its lifetime of service. In the end this can make it look positively unsightly and can severely reduce the kerb appeal of any home. Here are just some of the ways in which the average driveway can sustain damage:

  • Cracking of the surface and damage to the substrate over time due to the presence of heavy vehicles,
  • A build-up of oil and other chemical stains that penetrate the surface,
  • A build-up of organic debris, such as leaves and bird droppings,
  • Exposure to the weather causing the driveway material to expand and contract and resulting in significant damage in the form of cracks,
  • Lifting and cracking due to soil movement and the subsurface growth of tree roots.

All of these factors combine to cause a driveway to become cracked, damaged, and stained. Indeed, in some cases, such significant damage can even cause injury due to the presence of cracks and potholes. The good news is that companies that specialise in installing great-looking and affordable concrete driveways in Surrey Hills can fix all of this.

The Benefits of a New Driveway

Whether you are looking to sell your home or you just want to invest a little money in giving it a bit of a facelift, a new concrete driveway is a great way to add some fantastic kerb appeal. Furthermore, there are now wide range of driveway looks and options available, including:

  • Plain concrete for a cost effective and fast solution,
  • Coloured concrete for a stunning new look and extra appeal,
  • An exposed aggregate driveway for added texture and a unique natural look,
  • A paved concrete look.

Of course every driveway has a maximum life, but new sealant technologies mean that your coloured driveway, for example, can be protected from fading. In this case, a layer of tough sealant can be spread onto the driveway surface, and this layer will act as a further protection from the weather and from other staining. It will also reveal the beauty of the driveway surface and cause any colour to look more saturated.

A Great Way to Add Real Value to Your Home

The fact is that preparing to sell a home can be a tough business. A homeowner will often neglect areas such as the driveway, thus reducing kerb appeal. The good news is that a low cost investment in a simple concrete driveway will add value to the home in terms of aesthetic appeal. It is an investment that will pay off for many years to come.

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