How to Buy a House from Start to Finish

Are you thinking of moving to Louisiana? Or trying to do a residential upgrade?  Do you want to buy a house and don’t know how to buy a house? Or do you want to know How to Buy Prairieville Real Estate? Or, How to Buy New Construction Gonzales?

House buying is one of the major decisions of your life and the arduous process of buying and unfortunate experiences of others have made this decision very stressful. It’s also a huge investment; therefore many people are hesitant or afraid when looking for a house. Here I have a 8 step process for you on How to buy a house from start to finish. It does not matter whether you are looking for How to Buy Prairieville Real Estate or HHow to Buy New Construction Gonzales. This process will guide you through the steps and will make the job easy.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Shop for your Mortgage

In order to decide on your budget and to know what’s affordable for you, you need to shop for your mortgage first. Get your bank statements, tax return bills and all other financial statements ready and then check for mortgage policies. Compare your offers and apply for the most feasible one. Once you are pre-approved the rest of the process gets easier.

Step 2: Determine Your Needs and Wants

Do you want to buy in Prairieville and Gonzales? What kind of a house do you need? Size? Style? Number of bedroom? The best way to be clear about all this is to make a list of what you need in a house and what are the accessories that you desire. Once you clearly know what you want to buy, move to the next step.

Step 3: Hire Your Real Estate Agent

To make the process hassle free, less stressful and less time consuming, it is in your best interest to hire a good real estate agent. They know the area well and are good at dealing with the ins and outs of business deals and negotiations. Hiring a local realty service can also be a bit difficult. Get referrals, ask questions, meet the agents and then select the best person suited to your needs. Inform the agent about your budget, your schedule and your needs and wants regarding the house.

Step 3: Look Online

Search online house listings or Prairieville and Gonzales. Formulate a list of all the properties that meet your budget and suit your needs.

Step 4: Start Manual Hunting

Now start looking at the houses with your agent. Explore all options. Visit all the online listings as well as all the likely neighborhoods. You don’t know what kind of a house you might fall in love with. Do some comparison shopping. Keep a diary with you, list things down. And finally decide your best option.

Step 5: Make Your Offer

The crucial step starts after finding your dream house. If you think you have narrowed down your options and found the right house. Than its time to make your buying offer. But first discuss it in detail with your agent. Than negotiate with the sellers.

Step 6: Get Approval for Your Loan or Take out Your Savings

Once the negotiations are done, the actual paperwork starts. Go to your lender and tell them to start the approval process on your pre-approved mortgage. Sign the appraisals and wait for your loan. This process might take a month or two depending on the firm.

Step 7: Get the house Inspected

While you are waiting on your approval, it’s wise to get the house inspected so that you do not meet any surprises after completing your payments or moving in.

Step 8: Close the Deal

When you receive your loan payment or have gotten your saved money out, its time to make the actual deal and to sign on the dotted line. Close your deal and walk away with the keys to your new home!

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