How To Get Rid Of Fatigue After A Meal

The Overbearing Feeling Of Fatigue

We have all felt that overbearing feeling of fatigue that can simply not be avoided. When sitting at your office desk you may even find yourself straining your eyes to stay awake but your efforts unfortunately will go to no avail. It is important to fallow these handy tips that can be used at all times in order to avoid the sensation of fatigue after eating a meal.

First Step

Complex carbohydrates (usually obtained through starchy foods) are foods that are characterized by large glucose properties, unlike simple carbohydrates that are characterized by smaller glucose properties. More simply, a complex carbohydrate has a longer duration than the simple carbohydrate. The starch will thus take longer to be digested and thus take moreenergy from the body for the breakdown process. It is therefore advisable that 2/3’s of the carbohydrate intake be complex carbohydrates. Where do you find complex carbohydrates? They are found in starchy foods such; pasta, rice, cereal, bread, and more. They are also found in some fresh vegetables or some legumes. Thus, you must ensure, at each meal to have a balance of complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates.


Second Step


Simple carbohydrates should not represent more than 1/3 of your carbohydrate intake. Simple carbohydrates are usually very present in sweet products but also in some vegetables (about 5%) and in fruits (up to 12%), they are also necessary for the body to bring energy faster. They are usually very beneficial rightbefore or just after a workout.

Third Step

Despite the presence of simple carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables, not all of us get tire quickly.  In order to know the speed of absorption of the sugars of different foods a unit of measurement exists. It is called the glycemic Index. The index is listed according to their hyperglycaemic powers. You preference should be foods with low Glycemic Index. These types of foods have the advantage of not generating high glycemic peaks after ingestion of foods and therefore help to resist against fatigue after the meals.


These three handy tips will give you all that you need to avoid falling asleep after having a heavy meal.

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