How To Prepare Your Property For Sale

 What To Consider When Selling Your Property

At this stage, it is very important to give your home as much value as possible in order to persuade a potential buyer. Remember that you will only have one chance to make a good first impression! Do not have it in mind that you simply want to sell your property but have it in mind that you want to make your property as aesthetically appeasing as possible. Properly preparing your property for the presentation to potential buyers can mean the difference between a quick sale at the right price and a painful sale after price reductions. Once again, remain impartial. Look at your property with the eyes of a buyer. What are the weaknesses of the home? How does it actually look like? Is there anything else to improve on? Buyers trust what they see. A clean, orderly and in good condition home will inspire confidence and sell easily. If necessary, ask some friends to give you their honest and direct opinion of the condition of your home, ask them not to sugar coat it in order to better understand what you are selling.  Brad Roemer has put together a list of ways to prepare your property for sale.  The exterior of your home is usually what catches your visitor’s eyes for the first time. Keep in mind that potential buyers often come to take a look at the outside of your property first, even before contacting you.


  • Maintained land
  • Mowed grass
  • Hedges cut
  • Weed the flower beds
  • Remove all objects that clutter the field
  • Clean the pool, garden furniture, BBQ, trash, etc.
  • Eliminate oil stains
  • Move any unnecessary and bulky vehicle.
  • Replace the missing shingles on the roof if need be
  • Make sure the front door is welcoming and looks presentable (repaint if necessary)
  • Repair all broken windows or mosquito nets
  • Paint window and doorframes or any other place where paint is peeling
  • Remove any political symbols or other sign, such as a flag, etc.


  • Clean the house thoroughly, especially the kitchen, bathrooms, windows and blinds
  • Get rid of any unnecessary items cluttering storage spaces
  • Refresh the painting of the walls if need be
  • Clean carpets thoroughly, replace them if needed
  • Make sure there is enough lighting in the entrance
  • Do ensure that everything is functional in your home (ie toilet, chime, heater, air exchanger, etc.).
  • Remember, the smell of cigarettes can put off even other smokers.

These few tips by Brad will put you in the right direction to selling your property.

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