Need To Buy An Air Conditioner? Go For An Inverter AC!

The name – Inverter AC – is quite confusing. Let’s start by saying that this kind of air conditioners don’t run on an invertor or won’t work when there is a power cut. Instead, an inverter AC uses the inverter technology. Thanks to many benefits, the popularity of inverter ACs has increased considerably in recent years. So, how is the technology different? You can find more relevant details related to inverter AC price, technology and features below.

The unique mechanism

Right after you switch on and set the temperature for your non-inverter AC, the compressor motor starts at a very high speed to cool the room. When the room is cooled, the compressor motor stops completely, until there is an increase in temperature. An inverter AC does away with this on/off mechanism. Instead, once the room temperature is achieved, the compressor motor still continues to rotate at a slow speed.

Why buy an inverter AC?

Simply because it works better! An inverter AC is designed to maintain the room temperature at all times, and surprisingly, these models consume up to 30% less electricity. This makes an inverter AC extremely energy efficient. Nevertheless, you should still consider the overall energy-star rating of a model before buying one. A 5-star inverter AC can help in saving huge in the long run. In terms of initial costs, inverter ACs are expensive as compared to the regular models. What makes them ideal for most homes is low-noise operation. Since the compressor motor doesn’t need to turn on and off again, there is considerably less sound. Not to forget, in a world where we are concerned about energy bills and the effects on the environment, an inverter AC is certainly an eco-friendly choice, keeping all factors in mind.

Tips for buying

Just like you would be concerned about certain basic things while buying a regular air conditioner, you have to be cautious about selecting an inverter AC. First and foremost, consider the brand. Voltas Inverter AC is one of the best options out there, but you can consider Lloyd and Samsung too. As mentioned, check the star-rating and consider the capacity of the model. For large rooms over 200 sq.ft, you at least need a 1.5-ton air conditioner. It is also a good idea to consider the aftersales support offered by the brand. In case you have a problem with your inverter AC, it is impossible to fix things like a DIY project, so solid sales support is important.

For the best deals and offers, check online stores now. Most of them have considerable discounts on most models, and you can save big on the expensive models. Get a new air conditioner to keep your room summer-ready.

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