Why A CBD Dosage Chart Is Kind Of Useless

Okay, it’s not entirely useless in giving people a general first idea of how much CBD they should begin by taking, but let me explain. Any CBD dosage chart that suggests what kind of doses to take for any kind of specific desired result is pretty much completely bogus. I say this because I know personally from people in my life that 40mg per day might be enough to treat one person’s anxiety and stress, while 20mg might be enough to treat someone else’s chronic pain. For other people, the reverse of this might be true, and some people might not feel any health benefits whatsoever unless they take at least 80mg. There are just too many variables involved in the consumption medicinal CBD oil, there’s no way to make any kind of CBD dosage chart that actually works as a guide. That doesn’t mean you have to go in totally blind though. There are certain guidelines that can help you know where to start, but you should think about asking your doctor. Depending on where you are from they might be very knowledgeable on the matter. If you don’t have access to a doctor then here’s a few things you can keep in mind to start off.

    Different Doses For Different Illnesses


    If you plan on medicating any form of serious physiological disease like epilepsy or parkinson’s then you can be sure you’ll be needing some heavy doses of CBD multiple times per day. At least 100mg if not 3-400 is pretty common for serious cases like this. This can get pretty expensive if there’s no medical marijuana program where you’re from, in which case you might consider looking into how to make your own CBD oil, if it isn’t too risky to obtain your own cannabis. Whereas if you’re only looking to use CBD oil as a health supplement just to aid with regular everyday anxiety you could surely start with two daily doses of 15-30mg total depending on your size and see results. The best thing to do is to look for people’s stories about using CBD to treat whatever particular illness you’re looking to treat. There’s no exact CBD dosage chart out there but with some patience and research you can find the right kind of medicinal cannabis oil and the right dose of it for you.

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