Why You Should Consider Moving to Idaho?

Idaho is known for its agricultural exports especially its potatoes. But there is much more to the state of Idaho than its agriculture. It is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. Recently a lot of people have been moving to Idaho, and rightfully so.

We’ll tell you why should consider moving to Idaho.


Idaho’s graduation rate is 84%. Meaning it ranks very high in terms of education. All most every city in Idaho has a university or college. The state has also initiated various programs to make sure everyone gets graduated from high school. That means your child’s education is in safe hands.

The Crime Rate:

The crime rate in Idaho is lower than the national average. Your chance of falling victim to a violent crime is 2.6 in 1000 people. That is significantly lower than the national average. The property crime rate is also a lot lower than the national average. Drugs are not a big problem on the streets. Street crime is also very low.

So, your child’s education is safe and you don’t have to worry about them falling with the wrong crowd. Idaho is safe for everyone.

You can own a Home in Idaho:

Most residents in Idaho are homeowners. Few people live on rent here. If you have always wanted to buy a home, Idaho is the perfect place to look homes for sale in Boise. Nothing is better than owning a house.  It is the perfect place to own a house since it is very safe.

Just make sure you find a good state agent and you can get a beautiful home in this beautiful state.

Job opportunities:

Idaho was ranked number 9th by Forbes in an article named best states for future job growth. The unemployment rate here is significantly lower than in most states. Your chances of finding a job in Idaho is better than most states in the United States.

The Outdoors:

If you are an outdoorsy person you will love Idaho because it is beautiful. There are breathtaking rivers here. You can go river rafting, mountain climbing, hiking and what not. Fishing is a popular activity here since they’re a lot of lakes and river.

Most people go camping in the wilderness at least once a year. If you and your family love outdoors you will love it here because there is a lot to do.

The Weather:

Summers are really hot here the temperature can go up to 91 degrees if you don’t like summers you should pick another state. But if you do like summers and mild winters you will love Idaho.

All in all, Idaho is a great place to live in if you love outdoors, summers and want a safe and secure future.

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